Circular Matters

Circular Matters is an early-stage technology company, specialised in the production and processing of biopolymers and -composites.

Company established in 2018

The company is founded at the end of 2018, and is named 72P. The brand name Circular Matters is trademarked in 2019.

Proof-of-concept of the technology in 2019

We bring the material from lab scale to larger scale, and make first panels and 3D-objects. 

Funding from VLAIO & Climate KIC

We get funding through grants from VLAIO (Flanders) and Climate KIC (Europe).

Winner of Bizidee award

Circular Matters wins the Bizidee award 2019, a prize of 20.000 euros for the best business plan for Flemish startups. Link to report of Kanaal Z

Working on pilot projects

We're currently working on first pilot projects with customers, and getting ready to start producing the material.

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We're looking for talent

Interested to join us? Great! We're actively building our team of ambitious, talented people to scale the technology and bring it to the market.