We see many possibilities to tell great stories about our use of waste streams, the reduction of VOC emitting chemicals and plastics and our circular value chain.

Do you see yourself telling these stories? Converting them into interesting reads and visuals?

Possible projects are:

  1. Find a way to tell the stories about the rescuing of waste streams and our circular value chain in a visually appealing way on social media. A challenging project, because these residue streams are not typically considered ‘insta-worthy’.
  2. Create an engaging (series of) video(s) that tell the full story of our products from cradle to cradle.
  3. Creating a brand around our technology. Challenge us, with questions like “is 72P a great brand name?”

Or surprise us with another internship proposal. Which ways do you see to get our brand know?


  • You’re most likely a bachelor student in marketing or digital storytelling.
  • You take initiative, crucial in an early-stage startup
  • Experience of Photoshop, writing and the creative process


Interested? Send a message to to get in touch.