100% biobased, no compromise on quality

72P developed a flagship alternative to wood and wood-based panels. A material for sustainable buildings, furniture & other products that enable a circular economy.

The PBC Material is made from natural, non-food residue streams.

Residue-based biopolymer

We extract the binder, a natural biopolymer made of non-food, non-feed residue streams from agriculture and food processing companies.

Residue-based fibres

The material gets its strength and look by adding natural, residue-based fibres. Different textures, colours and properties can be achieved based on your preference. 



In a circular economy, materials keep their function for as long as possible. High quality and long lifetime are key characteristics of the PBC Material.


The PBC Material has mechanical properties (Tensile strength, Flexural strength, Elastic modulus...) superior to traditional wood-based panels.

Natural Look

A natural look makes it easier to communicate the 'VOC free' and 'climate positive' message your customers want to hear from you.


At the end of its life, old panels can be recycled into new panels. This enables a truly circular economy, with biobased building blocks.

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